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Viet Max started making art when he was only 3 years old. He dropped out of Business Management University and later became a successful shortlisted candidate for the full scholarship award of Hanoi College of Art. He worked as a coordinator for Hoa Hoc Tro cartoons and comics, a graphic designer and Art Director in three big PR firms with a large number of magazines for Mercedes, Ford, Yamaha, Nokia, Mobiado, Nikko, Swatch, Unicef, KFW, etc…Adidas Supershell campaign, painting on Vinacafe Guinness coffee cup, design fashion collection for Chang Beer, Néstle, Sony, and being brand representative of Star Wars Rogue One for Disney is also his recent successes.


Viet Max is one B-Boys of Viet Hip Hop’s 1st generation. He started dancing in 1992 with the inspiration coming from the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Viet Max then continued to explore other dance styles and joined Big Toe crew in 1994. In 2001, Viet Max established his professional B-boy career. From 2002 to 2006, he entered numbers of local and international competitions and won many top prizes. He was soon recognized as Vietnam Best B-boy and hold several Championship titles among Hip Hop competitions.Being the creator of the very first Underground Dance battles in Vietnam such as Crazy Hands, Halo in Hanoi Vietnam. Viet Max was also the influence that got Big Toe crew to become the 1st crew of Vietnam to ever compete on an international level at BOTY SEA 2005. All of these have created the concrete foundation for the development of Viet Hip Hop.In 2006, Viet Max moved to Ho Chi Minh city and founded Big South Crew - one of the best crews in Vietnam up to date. In 2008, Peace United Hip Hop Community was established by Vietmax has helped pushing Hip Hop movement in Vietnam by organizing dance competitions, jams, workshops as well as spreading the true spirit and knowledge of the Hip Hop culture here in his homeland. Viet Max earns the crowd’s respect as the legendary of Vietnamese Hip Hop.And with it, so grows the passion for Hip Hop inside Viet Max, he’s still fired up and working tirelessly in order to put Viet Hip-Hop on the map. He’s been invited to be an advisor, a judge for many of the biggest national competitions such as Battle of the Year, R16, Ring Masterz, Big City, Damsen Cup, G-Wave Hispop,... or traveling abroad to judge, showcase, and battle in different countries like France, USA, Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia,...


Viet Max had started his directing in 2006 with the Music Videos for fellow artists in Vietnam like Thao Trang, Ha Anh, Thu Minh, Thanh Bui, Hong Nhung, Ho Ngoc Ha, Antonius Maximus, PB Nation...and TVC, viral videos for Toyota, adidas, Diana,…His first feature film “YEU/LOVE” was a Vietnamese movie hit in which he tap into the LGBT a new look and new story. He also tells a struggling love process of 2 girls which made this movie stand out and be successful. This film won The 21st Mai Vang for Best Film and Viet Max got Prize Man of the Year 2015 – Breakthrough Director - Nominated by SPORT, CULTURE & MEN Magazine. This movie has been screened in CAAM FEST San Francisco, OUTFEST Los Angeles, and other film festivals in Europe and Asia. SUT/SHOOT- his second feature film was more focused on the sport. He shows his ability in directing an action movie with many nice and difficult shots to describe the beauty of soccer. This film won the 23rd Golden Kites Awards for Best Actor and Best Picture.


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